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Our mission

We want to bring the best educational programs from across the globe together on one single platform. We aim to become the one-stop shop in your search for new knowledge. We believe that accessible education is the key to success. Professionally and personally. Ready to take your future into your own hands?

Choose the course that fits you best

School4You offers you more than a thousand courses and workshops from across the globe. Hundreds of expert teachers and specialists are ready to stimulate and inspire you. You can easily compare your favorite classes online. Decide on a budget and choose the study program that fits your schedule.

Choose quality

As an independent study platform, quality control is and always will be our highest priority. Our students, teachers and independent reviewers are all part of this process.

Every course is carefully monitored and all feedback is shared with the education provider. That way we not only guarantee you get the best possible education, we promise that it keeps getting better.











With our home study courses, distance learning is easier than ever before. We offer flexible courses designed for people looking to study at home and learn new professional skills in a flexible and time-saving way.


This means that you can easily combine your studies with your current job, hobbies and family life.


Our goal is to give people around the entire world the right tools to get


All the knowledge and skills they need in order to pursue their professional dreams.

Are you a school administrator or do you enjoy giving workshops?

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